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Search engine marketing

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We can help you get your website to the top of Google.

For many businesses, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a minefield! It's an ever-changing activity, riddled with jargon. And when another sales person calls, promising you a number #1 ranking on Google, how do you know if they'll achieve this? And what exactly will they do for the money?

We recognise that a website's technical construction must be conducive to search engine optimisation before anyone thinks about meta titles and heading tags.

And these days, those technical considerations are more intricate and relevant than merely adding a few well-chosen keywords in the right place on a page.

For us, the key to helping a client optimise their website for a prominent ranking is to understand their customer, not just in terms of how they search on Google but also what they do when they arrive on the client's site.

Autochair old logo morphing into new logo

Managing your Google Ads campaign correctly is the key to getting the best return on your advertising spend.

If you have spent money on Google Ads (formerly, Google AdWords) and come away feeling that you wasted your money, it's most likely that while your intention and planning were correct, the execution of your marketing campaign is what led to the disappointing outcome.

From the moment a customer sees your Ad to the point where they complete your checkout process or submit an enquiry form, there are many opportunities for that customer to fall by the wayside. Managing a Google Ads campaign effectively means that you must consider all aspects of this journey; just creating a couple of Ads and committing some money to your campaign will not get you the outcome that want.

After all, you're not actually interested in paying Google to generate website visitors... you want to generate customers.

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