eCommerce websites

eCommerce websites

eCommerce websites

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We've created eCommerce sites for retailers as well as specialist websites for businesses who need a bespoke online payment system.

Product management

If you already manage your product inventory in your own business system, you won't want the hassle of looking after a duplicate inventory in a website admin system. We use technical wizardry to integrate your existing system with your eCommerce website. So you don’t need to worry about adding online inventory management to your ‘to do’ list and instead you can focus on building online sales. Far more important!

Website marketing

Having a well-built website won’t guarantee a successful online store: marketing it is crucial. Whether it's SEO, email marketing or social media marketing, we can boost your online sales by generating more visits to your website from your target audience. We use Google Analytics to keep track of the marketing activities proving to be most effective. Measuring, refining and testing your online marketing helps achieve the best possible ROI.

If you have an existing eCommerce website that's failing, or you're new to eCommerce but want to explore its potential for your business, get in touch. We’ll conduct a free initial consultation and show you how we can help.


Do I need debit / credit card facilities to have an eCommerce website?

No. If you have an account with a payment service provider already, we can build your website to use that. Even if you don't, we can advise on the steps you need to take to get one set up.

Will my business need to become PCI compliant if I have an eCommerce website?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to any business that accepts credit card payments.

However, even if you run an eCommerce website, you (probably) won't process your customers' credit card details because many eCommerce websites use a payment service provider to do this for them.  Therefore, the important thing is that you use a PCI-compliant payment service provider. This third party supplier provides the secure page for your customer to enter their card details when they pay you online.

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Clock Cards Online

Clock Cards Online
Clock Cards Online

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