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Setting up your website correctly to support your digital marketing requires knowledge of many different technologies.

Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, event tracking, goal conversions, Google Tag Manager, conversion linkers... they all have an important role within your website's configuration and if you get this wrong, your digital marketing won't work or it may report incorrect data, which could cause you to make poorly-informed decisions.

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Rubiqa have looked after our website since 2008. They understand our business in great detail and are always available to advise me on the best way to improve its performance to boost sales.

Ben Lassoued, Managing Director Clock Cards Online Ltd

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Are you certain that you're using Google Analytics correctly?

Although just about every website has Google Analytics installed, some business owners feel swamped by the volume of data it collects and don't know how best to interpret that data into meaningful information that helps with good decision making.

In our experience, filtering out the data you don't want is the key to being able to focus on the data that you do.

If you want Google Analytics to deliver useful, accurate information that informs your future digital marketing efforts, Rubiqa can develop bespoke reporting and explain in plain English how to interpret the most important measures for your business.

Digital marketing: frequently asked questions

Can you help us understand why our website is under-performing?

Yes. We specialise in working with Google Analytics to get "under the bonnet" of a website. We can highlight to you critical findings such as:

  • whether your existing marketing spend produces genuine leads
  • which pages / sections of your website turn away prospective customers
  • where you're missing out on customers who search for popular topics relevant to your business
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Can you install our Facebook Pixel?

Yes. If you're running Facebook advertising and need to track a visitor's activity on your website, we can add your Facebook Pixel to your site for you.

Does Google Analytics track specific events on our website?

By default, Google Analytics tracks web page views. If you need to track other activity such as document downloads, button clicks, video plays, on-site searches and form interactions, we can set that up for you.

How will increasing my Google PageSpeed Insights score improve my ranking in search engines?

Google is interested in your website's loading speed and it uses this, along with many other factors, to determine where you website should rank in its search results listings. If your website loads slowly, your search engine ranking is adversely affected.

We use a variety of technical fixes to improve a website's loading speed. Our own site typically scores 85+ on Google's PageSpeed Insights for mobile devices and 90+ for desktop devices: we can work with you to help you achieve the same!

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