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Mobile app development

Mobile app development brings together our two key strengths: creative flair and geeky wizardry.

There are lots of ways your business could benefit from a bespoke mobile app. In many cases it’s about improving customer or stakeholder relationships. Simply identify an existing process that customers find frustrating – perhaps it's slow, unreliable or inconvenient – and, with the help of an app, you transform that process into something quicker, dependable and easy.

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What our customers say...

We rely on Rubiqa to provide the technical expertise that we don't have within the business. They really are like a "technical partner" to us - unafraid to advise against suggestions that might cause us problems later and able to develop functionality that gives us a competitive advantage.

Paul Perera, Director Menorca Private Owners

But aren't apps just for big businesses?

When you hear people talking about mobile apps, it's easy to forget that the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp are "super apps": concepts so innovative that they’ve become businesses in their own right. Existing businesses don’t need to aim for such an ambitious outcome when there are smaller, entirely achievable opportunities right in front of them.

With a customised mobile app, your business has a continual presence in your customer's pocket! This is an amazing opportunity for you to improve engagement, loyalty and repeat business.

Rubiqa's app development process

When you talk to us about your mobile app idea, you'll focus on your vision: what you want the finished app to do.  At the same time, our role is to spot potential issues with this, ask probing "What if..." questions and work with you to refine your vision into a robust plan.

We use various tools to help with this, most notably "wireframes" - simple screen designs that focus your attention on the functionality and usability of your app, without the risk of getting caught up in the underlying technology or the cosmetic details.

Our reputation for managing technology projects while conversing with customers in plain, jargon-free English means that you'll find us easy to work with.

Mobile app development: frequently asked questions

Do you develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS?

Yes. We develop mobile apps to run on smart phones and tablets that run either Android or iOS.

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Do you develop proper native apps or just web apps?

We can create both and the choice of native app or web app is determined by what's right for the customer. 

When we develop native apps for Android and iOS, we don't create a single, generic app and then publish it in two different app stores; instead, we create two separate apps, each designed to use the controls native to the Android and iOS operating systems, so that users get a proper app with familiar styling and usability.

What's the difference between a native app and a web app?

Our article "Native app or progressive web app: which one suits your business best?" explains this best.

Our simple, proven process keeps you in the loop every step of the way

  1. Consult, listen and understandConsult, listen and understand
  2. arrow
  3. Wireframe, prototype and designWireframe, prototype and design
  4. arrow
  5. Review, build and integrateReview, build and integrate
  6. arrow
  7. Publish, host and supportPublish, host and support

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