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Is your organisation burdened with too many internal spreadsheets? Or struggling because your database system is no longer fit for purpose?

Many businesses end up in "spreadsheet hell", where a growing number of interconnected spreadsheets and processes make admin overly-complex and time consuming.

Often, the vital knowledge of how everything hangs together is understood by only one or two key people in the organisation and so your business efficiency relies exclusively on them.

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What our customers say...

As a partnership we have been working with Rubiqa on a range of projects. What really shines through is their expertise and ability to deliver what is needed effectively and timely and to provide the support and guidance needed for us to make the most of the technology (apps, new website and an online bookings system).

Friendly, professional and able to present in a way that is really easy to understand and access. My biggest frustration with other companies has always been the jargon and apparent complexity - this is where Rubiqa come in to their own - they have the expertise and skills but the ability to translate this to those of us without such technical understanding. First rate and would highly recommend. Thank you.

Nick Layfield, Operations Manager Flying High Partnership

Wouldn't you like to work more efficiently and save time by automating manual tasks?

Our technical know-how, coupled with the time we spend truly understanding a client's business needs, means that we could create a bespoke database system for you, designed to eradicate your spreadsheet misery.

We've built diary systems, booking systems, custom CRM applications and business management systems for a wide variety of clients. 

Your business operations should not hinge on knowledge stored in one person's head.

You want a modern, bespoke database system which streamlines your processes and eliminates your dependence on legacy systems held together with sticking plaster.

Our simple, proven process keeps you in the loop every step of the way

  1. Consult, listen and understandConsult, listen and understand
  2. arrow
  3. Wireframe, prototype and designWireframe, prototype and design
  4. arrow
  5. Review, build and integrateReview, build and integrate
  6. arrow
  7. Publish, host and supportPublish, host and support

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