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Brand Identity Projects - Common Questions from Our Clients

6th July 2023

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Over the years, we have been asked numerous questions from our clients regarding brand identity projects. Here’s a selection of some common questions along with our answers.

What is the difference between brand identity and a logo design?

In simple terms, a ‘brand’ is a complex combination of company values, positioning, ethos, language, and voice. It encompasses a vast scope that goes beyond the context of this article. To put it simply, the overarching brand sets the foundation for designing a brand identity.
The brand identity itself is a collection of colours, fonts, graphical elements, icons, and devices used to visually represent the brand. Take Apple, for instance; its brand identity is relatively simple and minimal, maintaining consistency across products, website, packaging, and advertising. However, these consistencies are not its ‘logo’.

A brand logo is a part of the brand identity. It is a single device that symbolizes both the brand and the brand identity. A more in depth article about this subject can be found here.

Examples of a brand logo and extended identity applied to packaging. Learn more about this project

Why do we need various versions of our brand logo? JPEGS/EPS files etc?

When we complete a brand identity project for our clients, we provide them with individual files of their brand logo and other design assets they require. We usually deliver the designs in multiple formats, each intended for a specific use.

  • EPS files are suitable for print, optimized for standard 4-colour process and Pantone colours (if necessary). They can be enlarged infinitely without losing quality.
  • JPEGs are optimised for display on digital screens as well as often being used in print ready documents compiled in Microsoft Word or Canva. However, if overly enlarged, they may become blurry and lose quality. Additionally, they cannot have a transparent background and will always appear with a white ‘box’ around the logo.
  • SVGs are also for digital applications, primarily for websites. They can be enlarged without any loss of quality.
  • PNGs are also for digital use, particularly in app development. Unlike JPEGs, they have the added advantage of having a transparent background.

Why do you start working in black and white?

Like many agencies, we begin by developing ideas through sketches before presenting the strongest concepts to our clients. During this process, we often present the draft designs of the brand logo in isolation and in black and white first, before revealing the extended brand identity and stylescapes in colour. This approach allows us to explain the concept fully to our clients, enabling them to focus on the form and idea the logo conveys before delving into the full identity rollout. By presenting concepts in full colour too early on in a meeting, the discussion can become centered around the colour choices rather than fully evaluating and understanding the core idea.

Examples of  brand logo development, showing sketches, initial black and white concept and full logo rollout. Learn more about this project

Why can’t we use two different concepts?

Sometimes, our client may love two separate brand identity concepts we have created and might wish to use both unrelated ideas. For instance, they may want to use ‘Design A’ for social media and ‘Design B’ for signage. However, a well-considered brand identity aims to develop a design that works consistently across all platforms, be it digital or print, large or small. Brand consistency is vital. If a specific output requires a more tailored approach, it should be developed early in the design process as part of the overall brand identity. Substituting different ideas can undermine the cohesiveness of the brand and is generally not recommended.

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