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Favicons: the finishing touch

14th May 2020

1-minute read

Once it's built, your website designer can improve your site by adding a Favicon

Once it's built, your website designer can improve your site by adding a few finishing touches and setting up a Favicon is one such thing.

What is a favicon?

A website's favicon is the little graphic that appears in your browser's tab:

Usually, the favicon is a tiny version of a company's logo but it can be any graphic that best represents that website or business.

And it's called a "favicon” because it was first used in the browser's list of favourites (bookmarked websites) as a graphical way to distinguish one website from another.

"Favourite" and "icon" were squashed together: hence, favicon.

But it's not just in your list of favourites or bookmarks where you'll see the graphic.

You'll see the icon in the tab or address bar on your browser as well as on Google's search results page when you're using a mobile device.

And if someone creates a shortcut to your website on the home screen of their mobile, it gets used there too.

So although your website doesn't need a favicon in order to work properly, these days it would look odd without one.

And if my website doesn't have a favicon?

There are various online tools you can use to create a favicon but you'll need to speak to your website designer to get it added to your website.

Jeremy Flight

Jeremy Flight

Technical Director

Jeremy Flight

About the author

This article was written in May 2020 by Jeremy Flight, Technical Director at Rubiqa.

He has worked in the web design industry since 1999 and has helped many private businesses and public sector organisations with complex website projects. As the technical lead at Rubiqa, he is the primary contributor to our software products and is involved with projects relating to website design, eCommerce, database systems and mobile apps.

Away from work, Jeremy is a qualified cricket coach and works with junior players at his local club. He is also interested in property investment, golf, photography, playing the piano and holidaying in France.

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