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Top #3 search engine optimisation (SEO) myths explained

21st September 2009

1-minute read

Ask 10 people to explain Search Engine Optimisation, and you’ll get 10 different answers! Here are a few clues to get you heading in the right direction...

#1: Clicking on the link to my website will improve its ranking

Google does not track the times visitors click the link to your site from its natural search results. Whether you get one visitor a day or one thousand, this has no bearing on your site’s search engine ranking.

#2: I must update content regularly to maintain my ranking

Certainly, regularly-updated content helps to retain Google’s interest and, more importantly, provides new content for it to include in its listings. However, there’s no obligation on website owners to ensure that they make regular updates to their site’s content just to maintain its current ranking.

#3: Adding keywords to the "meta" data of a page will improve its ranking

Fifteen years ago, this was true. A simple list of meta keywords was all Google referred to when working out the relevance of a page’s content.

Today, because of the ease with which website owners manipulated their keywords to manufacture artificially high rankings, Google pays little (if any) attention to the list of meta keywords on a page.

Jeremy Flight

Jeremy Flight

Technical Director

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