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My Pad

Linear Logistics Image of stationery blue and red logo

Branding a credible cost effective alternative...

We’ve worked with many estate agents over the years, and My Pad was a real success story! Our identity helped position My Pad as a credible cost effective alternative to conventional high street agents. The distinctive brand logo is now familiar all over the city. We helped My Pad develop their digital social presence, by running a successful Facebook and Instagram conversion campaign bringing in regular leads, referrals and social proof. This has helped My Pad grow to a leading estate agent in the area.

Linear Logistics Image of stationery blue and red logo

A clever website that reduces time spent on admin

My Pad didn't want to spend time updating their website with property data that they'd already entered into their internal management system so they asked us about how to make this a reality.

We designed their website to update itself daily with data extracted from their property management system, which means that My Pad can focus on marketing customers' properties without needing to spend time on website maintenance.

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