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How can I use QR codes in my business?

17th September 2012

3-minutes read

You can use a free QR code to generate more website visits or gain more social media followers

You will probably have seen odd-looking graphics such as this one on marketing literature and magazine adverts, but do you know what they are?

This peculiar barcode is a "QR code" - QR meaning quick response. If you have a smart phone such as an iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry, you can download a free QR app that will scan QR codes.

So what?

There's magic in a QR code! When you scan it, something will happen. And this is where you can use QR cards advantageously within your business or organisation.

Make it easy for people to add you to their contacts

If you add a QR code to your business card, people you meet can scan the code and get your contact details added automatically to their phone's Contacts database. A lot of people to whom you pass your business card will not end up keeping it - often because it's not practical or it gets mangled when it's been in their wallet / handbag for several weeks.

Encouraging them to add you to their contacts list is likely to mean that they keep your details for longer.

Also, if you are an important contact for them, scanning the QR code on your business card saves them the trouble of typing your name, email address, mobile number and postal address into their phone.

Direct prospects to a suitable landing page on your website

QR codes are a quick and simple "call to action" and if you can encourage sales prospects to scan your QR code, you can direct them to a tailored landing page on your website that provides them with more info about your product or service.

When your QR code is included within your advertising - especially advertising that they are likely to consume with their mobile to hand (such as magazine advertising or adverts that they'll see while they're out and about) - you're providing an appealing call to action.

Integrate with social media

QR codes are a means to an end. For instance, they can be used to get people to follow you on your chosen social media platform. In this case, the fact that a would-be customer has scanned your QR code is not important; it's the result of that (the person is now following you on Twitter, for example) that matters.

How do I create my QR code?

QR codes are free to create and there are various websites that you can use to design your own. If you search for "create QR code" in your search engine of choice, you will quickly find an obliging website that will help you do just that.

If you want to use a QR code in printed materials, make sure you generate a graphic with a resolution of 300-dpi.

Alternatively, contact us at Rubiqa and we'll be happy to help you sort it out!

Jeremy Flight

Jeremy Flight

Technical Director

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