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How to plan a cost effective door drop mailing campaign without breaking the bank

23rd January 2023

3-minutes read

Great tips on how to save money on your next direct mail campaign.

Planning an effective cost mailing campaign can be a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to reach a wide audience without breaking the bank. However, it is possible to achieve huge coverage for a fraction of the cost of a targeted addressed mailing. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to save money on mailings by using a Door 2 Door service and give you tips on how to plan for a successful door drop mailing campaign.

What is a door drop?

Door drops are targeted direct mail campaigns that cover over 30 million UK households. They are ideal for reaching offline communities and are a cost-effective channel to add to your digital marketing mix. Door drop marketing is incredibly versatile, allowing you to target customers by postcode or region, or cast the net wider with a mass market approach and form the basis for a retargeting campaign to a warmer audience.

Door to door vs. addressed mailing

Addressed mailing means to send mailings to individual addresses from a database. For example, you may have a spreadsheet of previous customers and wish to send them information about offers or new product launches. You would then pass the spreadsheet to a mailing house who send the item on your behalf. This is a great way to target repeat customers, but is a much more expensive way to mass market to a cold audience.

Rather than a buy an approved list and mass market via an addressed mailing, a more cost effective way is to use Royal Mail Door 2 Door where you can target larger specific areas by, for example, location (i.e. people who live in a specific postcode or council ward) or by demographic (for example, people with or without children, or in different economic brackets). There are many other ways you can choose to segment your audience and all for a fraction of the cost of an addressed mailing campiagn. It’s an impactful channel to add to your marketing mix.

Printing your door drops

Door 2 Door campaigns don’t require any address data to be printed on the item, which means you can mass-produce materials without the need to personalise each one which further reduces costs. It’s also better for the environment too without the need for additional envelopes or wrapping.

Delivering your door drops

Royal Mail takes responsibility for the distribution and will make sure your door drops reach the correct postcodes on time. It’s proven to be much more reliable than using local delivery teams.

Planning your next campaign

A design and marketing agency will be able to plan and implement your direct mail campaigns for you. Many have preferential business rates with Royal Mail and will be able to offer discounts to you rather than if you book yourself directly from a rate card. Many also offer integrated design and production services and will be able to advise on the most cost effective format and paper weights to use in your campaign.

Mark Wilde

Mark Wilde

Creative Director

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